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"Never had an eye massage before but I like it. Feels like human fingers are rubbing around your eyes. There is a comforting. Also, a soundtrack to relax you except in sleep mode"

Carol Jackson

"great Purchase. So far so good! It’s definitely higher quality than I expected, I like the different modes and really like that I can connect to it via Bluetooth and listen to my own music playlist"

Adan Scott

"I get regular headaches and migraines. This product is like a spa experience out of the box. I actually like the music, The warmth is nice too. It’s easy to charge"

Sheryl Turcotte

"I was amazed when I first used this product since I don’t usually massage my eyes. Now with this massager, I put it on whenever I take a nap. I totally love built-in heat massage"

Marc Lawrence

"Better than I expected. My husband felt so comfortable that he ended up enjoying the device while using the device in times of rest and relaxation, I love it, recommended"

Michelle William

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